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The view from me

Washington Nationals are hitting their stride into August and September. Better now than in April. Warriors were a big disappointment not winning game 7. Bulls and Knicks are underrated and could be the east surprise teams. Mets are done for the season. Marlins are a good surprise. AL east is going to be the fun part. Cubs are scary. Chapman doesn’t help either. Football is around the corner. College and NFL. Go WVU and maybe Kirk cousins will do a decent job again?…… Favs for football? Maybe the cardinals? Hopefully chip kelly does a better job now. Oh and I guess Kevin durant going to the Warriors is a big deal. I think mvp will be Blake or Westbrook. Women’s soccer France and USA are looking good! USA will win! That’s my view in early August. What’s yours?


Tumblr rhyming poem

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It’s new, but I’m trying it out

So here I am giving you a shout 

To go check it out

And see what it is all about 

Don’t back out 

Give it a try

Just pass by 

Say hi 





Seahawks Soar

Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I had them wining it form the beginning, but that was just in my dreams. They did though happen to win it all. Broncos got beat in all three stages of the game, offense, defense, special teams. Most sports you can find main three things… baseball is defense, offense, pitching. If you can do 2 out of 3 better than the other team you have a good chance to win the game. Broncos lost the game at halftime and Bruno Mars should have kept playing for the remaining hour and half. I hope all the Seahawks do not care about money… And stay together for years to come, if so they can win more than one Super Bowl… If only..

Fall sports

Redskins season is over.
Red Sox vs cardinals cardinals winning
Mountaineer football was a bust from the start.
USA men’s soccer team still winning games.
And college hoops and nba is right around the corner.

A week of sports

Jets playing falcons tonight! I hope Geno Smith gets his act together and throws only one interception and no fumbles. After three seconds he needs to take off or just throw it away before he tries to do too much.
Other notes. Tony romo couldn’t get the big win. Chiefs broncos saints unbeaten. Pirates are about to win the series and dodgers are hitting like crazy.
Eaton is already advertising nba basketball which seems crazy! Wvu football got crushed by Baylor but Baylor are super freaks who should already be playing in the nfl!

Baseball is over in DC, but playoffs are about to start.

The Washington Nationals are eliminated from the post season. This was kinda expected. 

Signed Adam… old and had one good season… not smart

Closer. He throws 90mph… so kinda cant throw it down the middle… waste of millions. 

The beast is gone. Simple as that. 

Ramos our catcher is better than Suzki, but still for fans Suzki was just fine. 

Oh yeah, Dan Haren, uh ya why did we get him again???

Danny boy our second basemen. A joke. Rendon was okay, around 250-270 batting average. IDK

Jason Werth was great. Harper good. Span good finish. Zimmerman good bat, but going to be our first basement. his bat is good enough that we will force him to go to first. BYe adam. Ian Desmond did fine. Rendon was okay. Adam no point to talk about him. 

Pitching. We were okay. Above average. 

Davey. He is gone now. I have no idea who will take over. It be cool if it was like Chipper Jones who retired last season. 😀 But probably gonna be an old guy who has been hiding behind coaches his whole life, and finally gets his chance. 


Hmmm. one of the three NL central teams will be the NL world series, and for the AL… Boston, Detroit, or Oakland. 

If I have to… Cardinals vs Boston Boston win in 5.

The past weekend

I didn’t get much work done. With college football game of the year, and sunday night football game of the year so far. I wanted Texas A&M to win, but they couldn’t quite pull it out. However, I wanted the Seahawks to win and that they did. 29-3. It had an hour delay, which meant I went to bed at 1am. WVU Football beat Georgia State, which has been around for about three years. So we kinda had to beat them, which we did, but still didn’t look like a great team. Going to be a long season. Also the Washington Nationals are 4 1/2 games behind the Reds for the last wild card spot. They take on the Braves, which will be a hard series to win, but we really need to win 2 out of three from them. 

Tomorrow is football

WVU football plays Georgia state and the transfer quarter back is getting the start. This shows that Georgia state isn’t a threat and its a smart time to put in a future starter who doesn’t know or doesn’t feel comfortable with the offense in. I don’t think this season we will blow out a team but if it could happen I would put my money on this game.

Ravens Ehh

Ravens lost. 😦 Not the end of the world, but defense got ripped to shreds. Our offense is basically three people. One was injured. So a horrible night to say the least. But I am a Redskins fan, but root for ravens because for the longest time they were always better than the Redskins. Monday Night Football the Redskins are playing! Can’t wait!


NFL Football

Ravens against the Broncos

17 to 14