Baseball is over in DC, but playoffs are about to start.

by therussianway

The Washington Nationals are eliminated from the post season. This was kinda expected. 

Signed Adam… old and had one good season… not smart

Closer. He throws 90mph… so kinda cant throw it down the middle… waste of millions. 

The beast is gone. Simple as that. 

Ramos our catcher is better than Suzki, but still for fans Suzki was just fine. 

Oh yeah, Dan Haren, uh ya why did we get him again???

Danny boy our second basemen. A joke. Rendon was okay, around 250-270 batting average. IDK

Jason Werth was great. Harper good. Span good finish. Zimmerman good bat, but going to be our first basement. his bat is good enough that we will force him to go to first. BYe adam. Ian Desmond did fine. Rendon was okay. Adam no point to talk about him. 

Pitching. We were okay. Above average. 

Davey. He is gone now. I have no idea who will take over. It be cool if it was like Chipper Jones who retired last season. 😀 But probably gonna be an old guy who has been hiding behind coaches his whole life, and finally gets his chance. 


Hmmm. one of the three NL central teams will be the NL world series, and for the AL… Boston, Detroit, or Oakland. 

If I have to… Cardinals vs Boston Boston win in 5.