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Tomorrow is football

WVU football plays Georgia state and the transfer quarter back is getting the start. This shows that Georgia state isn’t a threat and its a smart time to put in a future starter who doesn’t know or doesn’t feel comfortable with the offense in. I don’t think this season we will blow out a team but if it could happen I would put my money on this game.


Ravens Ehh

Ravens lost. 😦 Not the end of the world, but defense got ripped to shreds. Our offense is basically three people. One was injured. So a horrible night to say the least. But I am a Redskins fan, but root for ravens because for the longest time they were always better than the Redskins. Monday Night Football the Redskins are playing! Can’t wait!


NFL Football

Ravens against the Broncos

17 to 14

7.5 games behind

The Washington nationals are 7.5 games back from the final wild card slot ,which means they would do a one game playoff. However, I believe Cincinnati would really need to mess up as in loose three or more consecutively. In the next two weeks if the gap isn’t around 3 or 4 games then I say we don’t have a chance.


Our football team beat William and Mary, which isn’t known for football, but almost knocked us off. We have a better defense, but our offense doesn’t exist. We play Oklahoma next week, which will be a very tough game. From today’s came we do not stand a chance. Let’s hope from a week of practicing we get it together. 

24 hours

Today is Friday
Tomorrow is Saturday
WVU Football

Rain. Better not.

The forecast for Saturday’s came is rain. RAIN! Heck, this whole week is scheduled for rain and more rain. Hopefully the week gets all the rain and it is gone by Saturday morning! Go WVU Mountaineers!